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Traditional Mole Catching

Mole can be a nuisance when they start pushing up mole hills in your lawn and borders. They are also a problem for smallholders and farmers. Shallow runs can cause livestock to loose their footing and damage legs. If a field is closed for the productuin of silage and any moles are not removed then their is a risk of the silage produced containing Listeria monocytogenes from the soil which is a bacteria harmful to livestock.

The use of traditional traps is probably the most effective and environmentally friendly method of removing a problem mole. There are a number of different mole traps available to today’s mole catcher however many of these designs have remained unchanged for generations. My preferred traps are the putange traps, Duffus trap and the Talpex trap. These traps all differ in their design, the way they are set and when they are used however they all share the common purpose of trapping a mole.

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Traditional Mole Trapping Equipment